Identifying An Ovation

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1979, 1587 Adamas cutaway introduced 1651 Legend Limited electric only introduced. 1981, Adamas II models introduced. Standard Ovation neck and bridge, .THREE DIGIT SERIES Number range , YEAR MADE, Comment. 006-319, 1966, Three digits in red ink. 320-999, 1967 Feb-Nov , New Hartford; three digits in .Joined: December 2010. Posts: 15. Location: London,UK,o again - a while ago I posted about my fabulous 1624-Country Cl.ic which . - Picked this up at an estate sale for cheap. I can 't seem to find anything online with the yellow rosette. It could have been added, but I 'm not .

By at the pictures - don't you have better pics?? - it looks like a MiC Ovation Celebrity CC24 to me. Nice guitar, laminated top, basic pickup, half-decent preamp. A good workhorse of a robust gigging guitar, .Date your Ovation Datez votre Ovation From the official Ovation Web Site THREE DIGIT SERIES.My wife has owned this guitar for some time now I can't find any website, etc that has this guitar listed on it Anyone know its worth or anything el .I recenlty bought an old electro acoustic Ovation Guitar, but I can't identify it because it has no label inside only serial number or some kind of number. It is written OVATION 154259 and I can't find similar guitar on the Internet..

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