Identifying An Old Pocket Knife

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Help identify. By Cmh1d ago. Family heirloom folding knife. ChaseHunter2094d ago. Granfathers old pocket knife. By Saminkona2 months ago. a favorite pocket .How to identify thend of a vintage pocket knife. Old IMPERIAL Pocket KNIFE - Folding Hunter Knife- Vintage Made in USA Knife-Camping Knife- Single . - of knife it is. Here are some ways to ID an old knife. How to identify an old knife Has anyone heard of SAVAGEnded Folding Knives?. - Collecting vintage and antique pocket knives is a hobby enjoyed by many enthusiasts. Prices will vary from a few dollars at a yard sale to .

Vintage Knife Collecting 101. Knives have a mysterious power to resurrect memories from days gone by and pull you back to a time when carrying and using a knife .But my real love is stream fishing. Reading the water, identifying the best spots for fish, working my way into position, and then casting so the fly drifts naturally---that's a perfect day for me..I found a cigar box full of old pocket knives in my mother in laws attic. I wanted to learn more about them and what they might be worth. This book answered that question easily while also sparking some interest in acquiring other similar knives of value..Collecting Case Knives: Identification and Price Guide for Pocket Knives [Steve Pfeiffer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An American Icon! W.R. Case Sons' dedication to fine quality and craftsmanship has made the company's pocket knives cherished possessions p.ed down through generations.

  • How To Identify The Maker Ornd Of An Old Knife

    Go to a knife expert. Finally, if you're all out of ideas and no one can help you, it's worth seeking out a knife expert or museum curator. You never know if your knife is so rare and valuable that not many people know about it..

  • How To Identify Thend Of A Vintage Pocket Knife

    Guidebooks for pocket knives may show p.os of identifying marks and have information on characteristics of certain pocket knives. Many have full color pictures or diagrams of parts and show where to look for hallmarks and makers' names. Join pocket knife collecting clubs or online pocket knife forums..

  • Pocket Knives The Collectors Guide To Identifying

    Pocket-Knives: The Collector's Guide to Identifying, Buying, and Enjoying Vintage Pocketknives [Bernard R. Levine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Offers a brief history of pocketknives, and shows and describes a variety of jackknives, penknives, multi-bladed knives.

  • W R Case Sons Pocket Knife Age Identification

    For clarification, note that ten dots appear on 1970 knives, nine dots appear in 1971 knives, eight on 1972 knives, and so on. 1980-1989 Throughout the 1980s, Case used the same dating system as the 70s. 1980 knives have 10 .

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