Identifying An Alcoholic

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More than 2.3 million individuals sought treatment for drug or alcohol addiction at a speciality treatment facility in 2016.1 Those living with addiction can recover . - Millions ofs go through life struggling with alcoholism. Learn how to recognize a high-functioning alcoholic with these common warning . - It can be challenging at times when trying to identify an alcoholic, so here a a few things to look out for in a friend or loved one..Signs include slurred, uncoordinated movements, lowered inhibitions, and the smell of alcohol on the breath. However, identifying an addiction may not .

Often, an alcoholic does not have the physical ability or mental clarity to recognize the signs of alcoholism himself. Some people might also try to hide their alcoholic behavior. The charge is on you to learn how to spot an alcoholic and save a life..However, identifying an addiction may not be so black and white. People with alcohol use disorder AUD may be able to hide many of the more obvious symptoms of addiction for a long period of time..

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