Identifying Amd Cpu

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[b]AMD Processor Ordering Part Number OPN Breakdown[/b] Processors are identified by markings known as Ordering Part Number OPN . The OPN identifies the processor and its specifications. AMD processors with AMD motherboards..The location of your AMD processor 's serial number may vary, depending on its type and model. In most cases, the serial number will be located on the processor. If it is not located on the processor, it will be located on the heatsink/fan unit. The diagrams below will help you locate your processor 's serial number. Identifying .PR Rating Special Thermal Issue Special 90nm Special 300mm Special AMD Geode Special Barton Special PowerNow! Special Quantis.d Special Athlon 64 Opteron OPN Athlon 64 Special Opteron Special SemSpecial Turion 64 Special Old AMD Chips ID Interactive ID CPU Identifier Pin-Mod .For quick processor CPU , co-processor or microcontroller identification please try our identification tool on the right. This tool uses the same information as you can find on all identification pages below. A. AMD non-x86: 290x, 290x0, Z800x, 8080, 8085 and other non-x86 CPUs/FPUs. AMD x86 8086 - K5 : 80x86 up to K5, .

For identification of boxed Athlon and Phenom microprocessors with part numbers ending with 'BOX' please see a section further below..AMD AM2/2+/3/3+ Quiet CPU Coolers. AMD's "AM" sockets can be quite confusing because you can use an AM2+ CPU in an AM2 socket, but an AM2 CPU . I know I have an ASUS Motherboard but that's it. I want to find the de.s of my motherboard through Windows so i don't .Opteron is AMD's x86 former server and workstation processor line, and was the first processor which supported the AMD64 instruction set architecture known .

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