Identifying Amazon Parrots

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- For more about Amazons see: Amazon Parrot: Information and Care. Blue-fronted Amazon. Amazona aestiva. Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. Amazona oratrix. Green-cheeked Amazon. Amazona viridigenalis. Lilac-crowned Amazon. Amazona finschi. Lilacine Amazon. Amazona autumnalis. Mealy Amazon. Orange-winged Amazon. Panama Amazon..

Amazon Parrot Care, bird care for Amazon birds, bird information on amazon cages, bird food, bird baths, playpens and bird toys, bird health care and bird training .The gray matter: Prevention and reduction of abnormal behavior in companion gray parrots Psittacus erithacus .Both the number and breadth of avian cognition stu.s have expanded in the past three decades. Parrots have a long history as subjects in avian cognition research..Eclectus parrots are generally cl.ified among the top three parrots for talking ability. Rivaling the African Grey and the talking Amazon parrots in clarity of .

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