Identifying Alphabets

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Alphabet Letter Identification Activities. Candy Letter Match. Write pairs of letters on sticker dots and place them on the bottom of several Hershey 's Kisses. Alpha-Band. Label each rhythm instrument with a letter. Letter Hunt. ABC Sorting Tray. Letter Matching Uppercase to Uppercase. Letter Matching Uppercase to . - Once your kids are able to identify most letters by sight, play this fun game with them where they must identify letters solely by touch.. - Identifying the letters if the alphabet can be a fun activity for preschoolers to learn while! 25 Alphabet activities to recognize the letters of .Instructional Sequence of Letters. Prerequisite skills for letter identification include visual discrimination of shapes, and differentiating between straight and curved lines. Begin by teaching uppercase letters to preschoolers and kindergarteners. When teaching lowercase letters, teach high-frequency letters first..

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