Identifying Airplanes

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- "As a tip, one way you can always identify Airbus aircraft when flying overhead is by at the center wing box area under the aircraft in the middle ," says Airbus ' Asia communications director Sean Lee. "The wing box area on Airbus aircraft is square and moreounced than on Boeing aircraft.".

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  • Planespotting Guide Flightline Aviation Media

    Now that you've found a good location to watch planes, and you want to be able to identify commercial aircraft when you don't know the registration number, first determine how many engines it has and where they are, then .

  • How To Identify A Commercial Aircraft 7 Steps With

    Most books that you purchase that are specifi.y for spotting aircraft will have a system for identifying them. Usually this consists of four parts: wing position, number/position of engines, types of engines andplane position..

  • How To Tell Airplanes Apart One Mile At A Time

    My weakness in identifying aircraft is always referring to the 767, I can not so easily distinguish the -200 of -300..

  • How Do You Visually Identify Aircraft From The Ground

    A Field Guide to Airplanes is also really good. I find it better than Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide because it is categorized by aircraft appearance, and also is written like a field guide as opposed to a reference book..

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