Identifying A Waterpump

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Do you have a short or long style pump. Typi.y the small block Chevy SBC short pumps were used on '68 and earlier p.enger cars and light duty trucks. With the exception to Corvettes, the SBC long water pump was typi.y used on '69 and up p.enger cars and light duty trucks. When measuring the long water .Check here for a few simple images to help identify your Chevy water pump..The quick and dirty way to determine if you have a long or short water pump is to try and stick your fingers behind the timing cover, you can not with the short pump. A more accurate way is to measure the shaft.. - The Ford LSG875i industrial engine, a variant of the Ford 460 truck engine, has been widely used in generator set applications over the years. This engine is commonly found in Kohler and Onan generators. While the Ford LSG875i engine is a rugged performer, the water pump will occasionally need to be .

The 1970-75 Camaros used a variety of blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, and waterpumps. In this article we will cover the identification of .If you've got an engine coolant leak, check out this article for quick tips on where to look and how to get things fixed quickly.Other Early Tools. The previous sections have covered sockets and drive tools in the heavier 1//8-drive sizes, as these were the main products for the early . Cele.ting his birth bicentenary, Pearce looks back at the detective work of John Snow Back in the 19th century a new terrifying disease was .

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