Identifying A Vintage Car

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This group is to identify or verify vehicles in old pictures, so as to help date the picture. Cars, trucks, motorcycles are okay. If you know the car, please do not submit it, as there are other groups for that. If you think know the car in a p.o submitted by someone else, put it in the comments..I would really appreciate help identifying the car in this p.o..Antique and cl.ic car p.os and a few facts and a nationwide list of auto museums in the USA.. - With these categories in mind, visit websites that can help you identify old cars by providing descriptions and pictures of various makes and models. Two sites I suggest are Hubcap Collector Car Resources and a Flickr grouped Vintage Car Identification. This second one is for the truly .

If you've inherited an antique sewing machine, how can you identify the model and the mystery parts left in its drawers?.Choose the Best Vintage Car Racing P.o of 2016, picked from the thousands of historic racing pictures taken by Sports Car Digest p.ographers in 2016..From the Rude and Dirty Puns to Just Plain Creepy, 35 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards With Funny Quotes You Might Not Want to Read. .o. I would truly appreciate if you helped me with some de.s regarding my box. I bought it from a car boot sale when i came to visit England..

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