Identifying A Stradivarius

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- For any experienced violin maker or restorer it takes one second to know a real Stradivarius from an average copy. Often times, these are crudely made student instruments that wouldn 't sell, so shops and dealers would label an instrument to suggest quality. Being able to identify the instrument 's . - Christopher Reuning, a rare-instrument dealer in Boston, explained how an expert would identify the Stradivarius stolen in late January from the concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.. - If you have an instrument that is dated outside the timeline of Antonius Stradivarius 's life, it is not a Stradivarius. If you have an instrument that 's marked "Made in Germany" or "Made in Czechoslovakia", it 's definitely not a Stradivarius. In 1891 In fact, don 't trust anything on a label to identify a Stradivarius..How to recognize a Stradivarius. April 28, :35 AM Dear readers and musicians,. This is my first post and I just discovered this beatiful site. The thing is: I am fromzil and since I was a kid Im 23 years old today I have this violin that I never played, that belonged to my grandfather. It is really old, and a little .

Dearest Darling EBay Sellers, Please stop saying: Real Stradivarius!! In great shape for a 200+ year old instrument!!! Serious bidders only!!!!! O. M. G .Protecting trade secrets is criti.y important if for no other reason than making sure that the time, money and energy you spend building your business is not wasted..The internationally acclaimed violinist was on her way to catch a train when her Stradivarius, which is more than 300 years old, was stolen by a gang of three . Violin students are often surprised that well-known labels can actually be selling violins which are China-made. This comes as no surprise to those who are .

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