Identifying A Shrew

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Shrews hunt for insects above ground and in tunnels made by moles or voles. Shrews are much smaller than moles inches in body length and are mouse-like in appearance with a long, pointed snout, a short dense coat of fur, and small eyes..

General Shrew Facts. Taxonomic Family: Soricidae. Average Size: 3-4" long with a 4"; < 1 oz. Average Lifespan in the Wild: 1-2 years. Identifying Features: oblong, rodent-like body; greyish brown fur; small head with pointed snout; small black eyes; long, hairless..Identify the source of your mouse problem by learning about the different types of mice and rats. For the best in rodent control, trust Victor..Use picture books to teach young writers how to organize plot logi.y. This article includes examples of basic plot structures, along The Real Shakespeare: Retrieving the Early Years, 1564-1594 9780300072822 : Eric Sams: Books.

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