Identifying A Quick Ratio Steering Box

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Quick-ratio steering bo. from Hemmings Muscle Machines They can be identified by a "YA," "WS," or "HX" marking on the end cap opposite where the . - I have a chance to purchase a steering box, which supposedly came off of a 77 Z28. I know that it should be a "quick-ratio" box, if it really was a..Fast ratio upgrades improve vehicle control, making driving safer and more enjoyable. Convert your slow ratio steering gearbox to a fast ratio 12.7:1 with a .Quick ratio steering box, power box, manual box, power steering box, manual steering box, name it we have it since 1984..

To measure steering box ratio on a non-variable ratio box: A steering box has 85 degrees in 3 turns of the input shaft, divide the , which equals 28.3 degrees per turn. 360 degrees divided by 28.3 = 12.7208, which means you have the 12. ratio box.. Go to Cl.ic industries website and open up the camaro catalog to steering bo., this will explain, slow, standard and quick ratio box differences for 67 onwards. All the bowill interchange but you may have to change the rag jount.Completing an upgrade to a quick-ratio steering gearbox or using longer arms to make your car feel like it has a quicker ratio steering box will add handling characteristics to your car's steering, as well as reducing the driver's effort by enabling the steering wheel to be more responsive to small changes in direction..Part of this package was a quicker ratio steering box to reduce steering wheel movement when turning. This was accomplished by installing the 16 : 1 ratio steering box in the car. If the car had Power Steering , it already had the quick ratio box which received the normal power steering ID tag code..

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