Identifying A Polygon

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Polygons are cl.ified and described by the number of sides, the kind of angles, and whether any of the sides are the same length or congruent . Many polygons have special names. This figure shows the most common polygons. Notice that we identified a 4-sided polygon as a quadrilateral..

Polygon worksheets contain identifying polygons based on sides, basic polygon activities and charts, area and perimeter of polygon, identifing interior and exterior angles and more..In short, if one of two similar figures is expanded or shrunk to the size of the other, angles and sides that would stack on each other areed corresponding When you name similar polygons, pay attention to how the vertices pair up..Identifying and Cl.ifying Polygons. When people hear the word geometry, they tend to think about shapes. These shapes surround their lives each and every day. Many of these shapes, or polygons, can be described as flat closed figures with 3 or more sides. Polygons are .In this lesson you will learn to identify shapes by at the number of sides and angles that a shape has..

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