Identifying A Mink Coat With No Label

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Fur also has a place in history as a form of traditional trade and income. With such a background, it is not surprising that there are many varieties, modern styles and manufacturers of mink fur products, including coats. If your label is missing, it can be difficult to identify a mink fur jacket. However, a few tips can help you .Luckily, even if both parties are total novices, there are easy ways to determine real fur from a fake or faux fur. I hope this guide will give you Also, a coat bearing the label from a fur store like ' New England Furriers ' is no guarantee either since most furriers sell both real and faux fur coats. So instead of relying on labels, . - Hi! So happy to have found this forum! I have inherited a fur coat from an aunt, and have been trying and trying to find out about it. Internet searches and even an online appraiser have been no help. I 'm not as interested in the value except for curiosity as much as I am in the dating of the coat. Here 's what I .

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