Identifying A Load Bearing Wall

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- Understand the Structure. A structural wall actually carries the weight of your house, from the roof and upper floors, all the way to the foundation. The weight that is being transferred down at any given point in the house ised the "load", hence "load-bearing walls." .

Learn how to determine and remove a load bearing wall in your house. Tips and precautions you need to take before removing load bearing walls..If you are about to do a major house renovation, it is important to know which wall is a load bearing wall and which isn't. Load bearing walls are ones that hold or .Numericalysis of the load-bearing capacity of brick masonry walls strengthened with textile reinforced mortar and subjected to eccentric compressive loading.Supplier of a curated selection of natural stone, porcelain tile, and engineered stone - for architects, designers, developers, contractors homeowners..

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