Identifying A Gm Quick Ratio Steering Box

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With a little knowledge of the differences between power steering units, you can find adaptable quick-ratio gear bo. at your local pick-a-part that will have a more responsive lower ratio, as well as reduce the steering wheel range to as low as two to three full turns. The most popular gearbox used in GM, AMC and some .I don 't think there is any way to identify the fast ratio box from the outside because all GM bo. used the same case and cover. The differences are in the gears and valving inside. Simply turn the input shaft all the way from one end to the other. The fast ratio box should be about 2.5 turns lock to lock.. - After 1976, all GM power steering bo. were changed to a smaller 3/4-inch input shaft with 30 splines. The newer, fast ratio boall have the 3/4-inch input shaft with 30 splines. This requires a steering coupler alsoed a rag joint that will fit on the new box input shaft and also bolt up to the older . - Thread: How to identify a Saginaw Steering Box Which came at a great time, right in the middle of converting a Jeep to chevy drive train. Go to Cl.ic industries website and open up the camaro catalog to steering bo., this will explain, slow, standard and quick ratio box differences for 67 onwards..

WHere can I find the code on a 10 bolt GM rear end and will this code tell me the gear ratio on the inside? I appriciate any help I can get thanks. Hey All, Anyone out there got about a 73-82 GM TRUCK manual with the rear axle stamp decoding chart that they could scan and post. Or possibly provide.Helpful information and resources on M.ey Ferguson tractors from SSB Tractor, a leading provider of tractor parts, manuals, implements and toys.High performance engine building is the art of attention to de Top engine builders don't Read More.

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