Identifying A Decomposed Body

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Other professionals like odontologists dental specialists , anthropologists if the body is decomposed , or radiologists may also be asked to examine the remains. Any obvious medical conditions will be recorded, and radiographs of the mouth and body are taken..Just asking, is it possible to identify a dead body byysing the level of toxic elements. Let say someone was an autoworker or a mechanic before his or her, and the body has been decomposed or it is not possible to carry out DNAysis for identification..In India, animals, such as rats, dogs, jackals and hyenas, and birds such as vultures, may a dead body and mutilate it in a very short time, when exposed .7. Skin - Body marks can be characteristic of an individual and can be used to support an identification, in conjunction with medical or police records and/or identification given by family members. A scar can come from surgery, an accident, orault..

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