Identifying A Dart Ford Engine Block

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- Many Dart heads may have a foundry code or a few other identifying numbers cast onto them. The serial number on a Dart engine block can be found in two places, on the front end of the block F - Iron Eagle Ford.Engine Bag. $14.95 Add to cart Iron Eagle PRO SBF TopView. Iron Eagle Pro SBF . Iron Eagle SBF Iron Eagle SBF Billet Blocks .For a step by step guide to identifying your Dart blocks and heads, view the link below: Do I need to drill steam holes in my heads when using a Dart block?.Dart Ford Cylinder Blocks-Dart Iron Cylinder Blocks total frt cost $175.00 -Dart Aluminum Cylinder Blocks for Ford-complete listing with pricing..

Cylinder Heads - Intake Volume and Chamber Volume. Often the chamber volume of the cylinder head can be found stamped on the end pad of a Dart head..Please provide our technical department with the digit serial number and they can help you identify your crankshaft. Since 2000,ies has an electronic record of allies crankshafts produced..Why Johnson Hydraulic Roller Lifters Belong in Your Engine.Two V8-Converted MGB Sports Cars Mike Moor's '78 w/Buick 300 and Jeff Howell's '63 w/Buick 215 Searchable Archive / Index of Back-Issues.

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