Identifying 1964 Corvette Exhaust Manifolds

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262, 350 400. RH. Chevelle, Camaro, Monte Carlo and P., 155 175 HP. 354432. 75-76. 262. RH. 110 HP. 354433. 75-76. 262. LH. 110 HP. 364753. 76-80. 307, 350 400. LH. Camaro, Monte Carlo, Malibu and P.enger. 372243. 74-83. 307, 350 400. RH. Corvette and Replacement manifold.. - C3 Tech/Performance - Need to Identify My Exhaust Manifolds - The exhaust manifolds appear to have been replaced on my '69 L46. I am considering installation of an aluminized chambered exhaust from Stainless Works. I need to measure the exhaust manifolds to determine if they require 2" or 2.5" outlet . P.o Courtesy Cl.ic Industries . Casting numbers are found on the outer side of the exhaust manifold. This one reads 3969869. It belongs on the driver 's side of a 1970-1974 454 Corvette. Exhaust manifold date codes are cast on the back of the manifold and may help identify the year, but not necessarily the application .V8 Exhaust Manifold Casting Numbers - . These exhaust manifold castings were used in various other models of the Chevrolet lineup such as the p.enger car, Chevy II/Nova, Camaro and Corvette. Only Chevelle-specific information is listed here to conservee. Some casting numbers are NOT .

190 rows Chevy exhaust manifold Identification - Chevy ramhorn casting numbers, Big Block chevy exhaust manifolds.Corvette Exhaust, Corvette Exhaust Manifolds And Related And Corvette Exhaust Manifolds.Corvette 1953-1967 exhaust manifold casting numbers: 1953-1967 Exhaust Manifold Casting Exhaust manifold casting dates may not be visible when manifold .Chevrolet exhaust manifolds are easily identified by the casting number; however, the casting number is not a code, so it cannot be deciphered. Referencing the number .

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