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Just a short that I 've been meaning to do for a while to share what I 've found about identifying metals . - As most of us know neither zinc cast nor aluminum are magnetic. So how can a person definitively tell the difference between the two? I don 't ac.ulate much of them, and my yard does not buy zinc, so they end up in my aluminum.. - Bris another copper alloy but it has zinc instead of tin. Brhas a yellow gold color. Br. ' melting point is 900-940C 1652-1724F depending on how much of each metal they used. Bris nonferrous. Because bris an alloy its density varies. If hit brvi.tes like a bell, this can be used to .Hi I have a piece of metal that i am trying to identify if it is Zinc or not. I did the following tests doesn 't stick to magnetic dropped some finger on it but no fuze dropped some HCL on it but no fuze I tried so saturated Sodium hydroxide and it immediately showing fuzing..

Zinc has has an oxide that flakes off carrying some of the zinc so other things are coated in it so the zinc "rusts" instead of the base metal, this ised galvanization. Because of its low cost zinc is the main metal in .Dissolution of crude zinc oxide, ZnO, in sulphuric acid gives zinc sulp., ZnSO4 in solution. Cadmium is an impurity and this is removed as a precipitate of cadmium . You can usually identify the high zinc content if there is writing on the part. Some of the worst stuff will have good definable .Please respect your collectibles, and use only non-destructive methods of identification. 1. Does a magnet stick?.

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