Identify Yugo Kalishnikov

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Kalashnikov AK-47 close derivatives to refer to all Kalashnikov-patternault rifles. However, the AK-47 is a specific model of Kalashnikov.. Finally, Yugoslavian. Note the two ribs along the bottom, but a full spine. Also, when compared to the Chinese, the lower rib on the Yugo mag nearly touched the bottom plate, while the Chinese is higher. And of course, the unique follower. Yugo on the left, Russian and most others on the right. Actually, let me add more .AK47 and related Bayonets. AK47, Derivatives and Related Bayonets . last updated 26/05/03. Afghanistan, Angola, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Croatia Cuba . They use small field teams to identify specific small arms, 10 thoughts on "Field Guide to Reading Kalashnikov Markings" noob December 4, .

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