Identify Your Tent

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So how can you find your own tent in the dark, amongst thousands of others? Get your bearings. Before you head for the arena , familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. Survey the scene around your tent for objects that mark out its location and memorise them. You can also use Glow Sticks to identify your tent .At a big festival it 's not easy finding your tent! Not because someone has nicked it, but because chances are lots of people will have the same tent and you. And it will be in a large field with thousands of other tents which can be very disorientating. So if you find it hard finding your tent, then take a moment to think about how .Heya Sorry this has probably be done to in other posts but I can 't seem to find any. Is there any particular suggestions or tips for marking your ten . - At a jam-packed summer festival, finding your tent can be like for a needle in a haystack. Sally Cameron Griffiths shows you how to mark your territory..

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