Identify Your Sound Card

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- Using the Windows Key shortcut. Press the Windows key + Pause key. In the window that appears, select Device Manager. Click the Arrow next to Sound, and game controllers. Your sound card is in the list that appears..Method 3. Windows XP / Windows 2000. Click on "Start" and point to "Settings." Click on "Control Panel." Click on "System" and select "System Properties." Click on the "Hardware" tab, then click on "Device Manager." Click on "Sound, and game controllers" to expand the list..2 ways: Right click on the start button. Select "Device Manager". Check under "Sound, and game controllers". Type "msinfo32" in Cortana box. This open the "System Information" app. Check under "Components->Sound Device"..

Other methods for determining the sound card type. at the Sound Card. Another method of determining the sound card manufacturer or model is by opening your computer case and physi.y examining the sound card. Commonly, the sound card manufacturer name and model number is printed on the card itself..To identify your sound card in Windows, begin by opening the "Control Panel" window, found in the "Start" menu. If your computer is set up to display category view, select the "Sounds,, and Audio" icon, and then click the "Sounds and Audio Devices" link. If your computer displays the cl.ic view, select the "Sounds and Audio Devices" icon..

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