Identify Your Mixed Breed

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BarkPost was pretty excited when we learned about Fetch!, a new Microsoft-made app for iPhones that identifies your dog 's breed when you take their picture. We took a spin with our Zoe, Ziggy 's mom, says: "I think he 's a Pit-Hound mix but I 've ALWAYS thought he had a little Great Dane in him." Fetch! says: ziggy Pin 10..Fido 's family tree is a puzzle neither you nor your vet can solve without help. A Canine DNA Test is the only way to know for sure what breeds are in your mixed-breed dog. In fact stu.s have shown that visual identification, even by professionals, is only accurate about 25 of the time. Have some fun and play the game . - The biggest dogs, the ones that come close to 200 pounds, likely have some giant dog in their mix, such as Saint Bernard, Komondor, or Mastiff. Nonetheless, mutts can come in any size, and if your dog is mid-range, it may be harder to determine what breeds contributed to his genetic makeup based on . - There are many reasons you might want to know your dog 's breed, from curiosity to insights into characteristics or learning about any health problems they may encounter in the future as a result of breed predispositions. You may find your rescue dog is purebred, or that your mutt or hybrid pup is a mix of .

Selecting a Puppy. How do you know what breed is right for your family? How do you find a reputable breeder? What questions should you ask a breeder?.Mutt information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Mutts and dog breed mi .Objective.ess the prevalence of conheart disease CHD in a large population of mixed-breed dogs and cats..Each dog is unique and their physical and behavioural traits will be the result of multiple factors, including genetics, training, handling, and environment. ADVANCE .

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