Identify Yard Bugs

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Dissolve two tablespoons of dish washing detergent lemony scents work best in two gallons of water. Pour the solution over a square-yard area of lawn. Observe carefully. You may spot mole crickets, chinch bugs, cutworms or armyworms scrambling up from soil and gr. to escape the suffocating soap..

The lawn experts at DIY Network show give you tips and tricks for identifying lawn pests and learning how to get rid of them..Following are seven of the most troublesome and common lawn insect pests with tips on how to identify and control them: Lawn Care; 7 Lawn Pests and What to Do . This 5 minute will help you identify some common lawn pests. Bugs displayed include chinch bugs, army worm, sod webworm, mole crickets, spittlebugs .Welcome to our bug identification database. Over 5,000 bugs identified. Add your bug to the database and help build this great resource. How to Install Lawn Edging..

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