Identify Xbox360 Dvd

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How To Identify Your Xbox 360 DVD DrivePosted: Fri 10:14 am. I Made This Post Mostly Because People Want To Flash Thier Drive, Mod Their Xbox, Or Fix A Broken DVD Drive/Xbox. To Identify Your DVD Drives You Do Not Need To Open Your Xbox..When having a DVD drive flashed it is sometimes helpful to be able to tell which drive unit you have in your Xbox 360 console. All large versions of Xbox360 can .Check the DVD region and format: Make sure the DVD region matches the region of your Xbox 360 console. Look for the region code on the disc or DVD .You find this date on the backside of the Xbox 360 unit, it 's right between the You can open the tray and look where the holes are to determine the DVD .

As you all might know, there are four types of Xbox 360 DVD Drives. -Samsung -Hitachi -BenQ -LiteOn To Identify Them, All you need to do is take off the face plate on your Xbox..In this article we will tell you How to identify your Xbox 360 slim drive. Here's the complete de.s: The better way to identify your slim drive is to open DVD tray and look for the shape of the DVD drive. According to company make there are different shapes of DVD drives like some have straight line in between the disc, some have . Use this picture to find what kind of Xbox 360 DVD Drive without opening it. [IMG]. Like, Comment and Subscribe My iPod Broke so bare with me when i get my iphone 4///user/nhialsta .

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