Identify Xbox 360 Laser

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- Determining Why Discs Won 't Read on Your Xbox. In order for that $60 disc to read properly on your Xbox One, several things need to be in place: No fingerprints, scratches or smudges on the shiny side of the Blu-ray disc; No dust and a properly functioning Blu-ray insert tray on the Xbox; A clean laser lens . - "Xbox laser burn" is a commonly-used term to describe damage that has been found on discs when using the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. It involves the formation of a perfect ring around the entire surface of the DVD disc, rendering it unplayable. fixmydiscs-banner. FIND A REPAIRER IN THE UK..2. Use this information to figure out what drive you are working with and what must be done to clean the lens in the next step. Determine the manufacturer of your Xbox DVD drive - see page 4. 3. Clean the lens and mirror manually. 4. Adjust the Potentiometer pot on the laser - see page 54. 5. Replace the Laser in the DVD . - This guide will show you how to POT Tweak Your Hitachi, Benq, Samsung, or Liteon Xbox 360 DVD Drive POT Tweak Are you getting Dirty Disc Errors Games crashing half way through , due to reading problems Discs sometimes loading, and sometimes not being recognized OPEN TRAY Error .

my xbox 360 laser has broken. i believe the laser is the part that reads the disk and its unable to do so. i have tried calaberating and still is unable to .A New Replacement laser for your worn out non disc reading Xbox 360 DVD Drive.This is a replacement laser lens for all Xbox 360 BenQ DVD Drive For XBOX 360 Laser Lens - Liteon DG-16D4S G2R2 HOP-15XX HOP-150X HOP-151X 151. .Id xbox drive unit . When having a DVD drive flashed it is sometimes helpful to be able to tell which drive unit you have in your Xbox 360 PS3 Laser Repair .

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