Identify Wu Bangguo About Hong Kongs High Degree Of Autonomy

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Wu Bangguo, the chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said at a conference in Beijing that Hong Kong had considerable autonomy only because the central government had chosen to authorize that autonomy..Noting that China practised a unitary system of government, the 'high degree of autonomy' was granted by the central government instead of being something inherent to Hong Kong, he said. Mr Wu did not refer to any ongoing cons.utional debate, butysts were quick to interpret his remarks as a warning that Hong Kong should not . Wu Bangguo, said the "high degree of autonomy China resists quick move to full Hong Kong in Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy is .Hong Kong high-s.d rail; E-sports; Wu Bangguo. Wu Bangguo. Wu is a Tsinghua University graduate with a degree in engineering..

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