Identify Word 2007 Parts

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Use word parts to define unknown vocabulary in a reading. LESSON. For example, the word "bicycling" is made up of the root word "cycle," which means circle or wheel, the prefix "bi," meaning two, and the suffix "ing," which makes it a participle. There are two ways to approach word parts..

If you're increasing your vocabulary and adding new words to your repertoire, you need to know the part of the words belong to so that you can use them .110 rows Appendix A: Word Parts and What They Mean Here is a list of word . Parts of are categories that are used to describe each word's function in a sentence. The best way to identify a word's part of is to think about what role the word plays in the sentence, but there are also a few clues that can help you figure out the part of if you are unsure about the word's function..Medical Terminology word parts Learn with flashcards, games, and more for free..

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