Identify Wood Finishes

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Start with alcohol. Apply a few drops of denatured alcohol to the furniture, as shown in the p.o above. Wait a few seconds; then touch the spot with a soft-bristle brush or a cloth., a popular finish before about 1920, will soften and turn a bit sticky.. - Care Part 2- How to Identify the Finish and Why this Matters. When you want to revive dull wood, you need to first identify what finish is already on the piece; mixing up finishes can be disastrous . Polyurethane,, Varnish and Lacquer - Use a cotton swab with . - Go to a small corner of the wood, and take a small knife or coin and try to scup a little bit. If it crumbles as you scit up then you can easily tell that you have a urethane/polyurethane finish. Lacquer. To know if you have a lacquer finish, just simply rub a little bit of denatured alcohol onto the wood.. - To refinish wood furniture, it 's good to know what finish is currently on the wood. Rub a small amount of linseed oil, using the cotton swab, into an incon.uous spot on the furniture or trim. Rub a small amount of acetone, using a clean cotton swab, into another less-visible part of the wood..

Briwax Wood Care Products for the finishes of fine furniture, antiques, unfinished furniture and artisans in wood and leather..Varnishing wood gives a beautiful, durable finish, but what products do you choose, and how do you do it? Here's our guide to varnishing wood..Wondering where to find reclaimed wood materials? We offer the finest reclaimed wood, wide plank flooring, rustic fireplace mantels, barn beams barn siding..By Gill Chilton . When figuring out how to clean wood furniture, we must first identify and understand what type of wood finish we're working with..

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