Identify Wisconsin Robin Engines

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Serial No Search. Serial Number Search. All Wisconsin Engines products sold since 1939 have been issued serial numbers. Feel free to search our database and find information about your engine. Serial Number .If you need to find your Robin/Subaru Engine product number or serial number we can help! Robin/Subaru Engines are identified by a product number specification and code number and a serial number. Robin/Subaru Product and Serial Number Location. Robin/Subaru Engines. Robin Subaru Model Locator. Product .I have a Wis/Rob side shaft engine and I 'm trying to find out what size it is. The number stamped on the block is S150-025237. I 'm putting it on a..This catalog is designed to identify Wisconsin Robin parts . When ordering parts. it is always advisable to list the engine model. specification number and serial number . With this information. we can check your order for any incorrect part numbers . Use your Service Parts List to ensure proper part number and nomenclature..

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