Identify Windows Version On Hd

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Go to the Windows/Winnt folder, right click any of the executables like notepad.exe or regedit.exe, go to its 'Properties '-> 'Version ' tab and then click on Files Version, you will see the version of windows, Service pack and build information..

Look at the file. C:\Windows\System32\License.rtf. Can be found for all these Windows operating systems. Vista, W7, W8, W8.1 . These License rtf will have the Version of Windows and the Edition also, Windows 7 Pro for example..Just type WINVER, in the run dialog box and you could know the version of Windows you are using and also, you can identify the edition next to the version mentioned. For example, if your Windows version information shows as Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 is the version .How to Identify the Version of the Mac OS Linked to a Recovery HD By far, the easiest way to find out which version of the Mac OS is tied to a Recovery HD par.ion is .Do you know how to identify the complete Windows version and edition? Sometimes, it is critical that you have the complete information of both the Windows version and edition, including the type of system, be it 32-bit or 64-bit OS. For instance, when you need to refresh, repair, or even reinstall your Windows OS, you must have all these aforementioned information ready..

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