Identify White Oblong 014 Pill

No view for information about a pill i found. It is white, oblong, and marked L544 on one side, other side is blank. I think it might be a pain medication since I found it in a .What is the pill that is white oblong and has the numbers 44390 on it? Asked by renee Nov 2010.Oxycodone 30mg actually light blue color, says one user. My answer is: a white round tablet marked mg of Lithium Carbonate Extended Release techni.y, accord ing to the pill bottle, the color is "off-white" Perhaps 244 gets marked on several pills, it just depends on the color. Again for me, this means a tablet of 450mg Lithium ER. .Images of White oval pills including Actonel and acyclovir. Compare prices, print coupons, and view information for thousands of prescription drugs..

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