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By at the syou can easily identify which kind of turtle you have or at least have a good idea what it is. The shape of the sshould also be able to give you a head start. 3. Neck. Another way to identify which kind of turtle you have is by at its neck. There are .There are over 300 species of turtle worldwide and many are suitable to keep as pets, but keep in mind that some turtles are better left to the wild. Different species .Turtles can be highly aquatic staying in water most of their lives or semi-aquatic. You are most likely to see turtles out and about between May and October. Although active throughout the summer, turtles are most actively crossing roads to reach nests during the first weeks around the last full moon in May and the first full moon in June: the flowering and strawberry moons..Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Discover Life Basic steps : Answer one or more questions on right by clicking checkbo .

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    The largest living chelonian is the leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea , which reaches a slength of 200 cm 6.6 ft and can reach a weight of over 900 kg 2,000 lb .Freshwater turtles are generally smaller, but with the largest species, the Asian softsturtle Pelochelys cantorii, a few individuals have been reported up to 200 cm 6.6 ft ..

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    Turtle/Tortoise Frequently asked Questions. Compiled by Darrell Senneke. Please note that these are general answers to frequently asked questions..

  • 40 Pet Turtle Names Pethelpful

    Now that you are somewhat familiar with the different, common turtle breeds, it's time to go over a few tips to come up with turtle names! What kind of turtle do you have?.

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    IDENTIFY A FIND NOTE: If You send in a find to be Identified and you receive an email from someone who Identifies your find or suggests info sources for you, be so kind as to at Least Say Thank You..

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