Identify Ways A Plant Respons To Growing Conditions

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.ociate plant needs with plant growth in NEW BEGINNINGS. . Explain how plants provide us with oxygen in LET 'S EAT! . Describe the importance of nutrients to plants in GROW UP! . Explain the movement of water in the hydrologic cycle in. KEEPING COOL! . Identify ways plants adapt to their environment in . - Like all organisms, plants detect and respond to stimuli in their environment. Unlike animals, plants can 't run, fly, or swim toward food or away from danger. They are usually rooted to the soil. Instead, a plant 's primary means of response is to change how it is growing. Plants also don 't have a nervous .Is regulated in complex ways. Iden.y Genes and the Formation of Floral Meristems and Floral Organs. Floral meristem iden.y genes activate floral organ iden.y genes. 41.4 Many short-term responses to the environment do not require growth. Turgor Movement. Changes in the water pressure within plant cells result in . - Like humans and animals, plants need both water and nutrients food to survive. Most all plants use water to carry moisture and nutrients back and forth between the roots and leaves. Water, as well as nutrients, is normally taken up through the roots from the soil. This is why it 's important to water plants .

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