Identify Waspphoto

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Paper wasps are long with yellow and rusty brown or blackes. Paper wasp nests can be identified out in the open and under the eave structure of the roof, the nests a grayish paper-like material honeycomb shaped, with the larger nest sizes approaching the size of a racket containing up to 50 wasps per nest.. How to Identify Wasps. In this Article: Article Summary Identifying Wasps by Physical Characteristics Recognizing Wasps Habitats Differentiating Between Wasps and Bees Community Q A The wasp family of insects includes thousands of species all .The order Hymenoptera, that includes bees, wasps, hornets, sawflies and ants, has well over 15,000 species just in North America, so it's often difficult to identify an insect to species, let alone genus..

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