Identify Vw Engine By Number

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VW Engine Letter Codes Also see the VIN Numbers section above for a month-by-month breakdown of pre-1968 vehicles. In the tables below "Code" refers to the first digits of the engine number. Corrections or additions welcome. Please also see the Engine code letters VW booklet . - When ordering parts or restoring a car back to its original spec, it 's useful to know as much about your Bug as possible. Here 's how to unravel the dark art of engine and codes First things first - you need to know where to look to find the necessary numbers. The 'birth certificate ' for your Bug will be .Identification of Air Cooled VW Engine letter codes. Engine ID Codes VW stamped all type 1 's and pre ' 's on the right case half just below the generator pedestal. The first and sometimes the second digit/letter denotes the basic engine group. So the best you AJ - 75 - 1600 - Fuel injected, no fuel pump mount..Volkswengines were first developed in Germany by Ferdinand Porsche during the 1930s. The Volksw. Beetle would later become the most popular car in the world, partially because Volksw. 's air-cooled engines were reliable and easily swapped with other Volksw. vehicles, regardless of model..

Know Your VIN Get Exactly The RIGHT VW Repair Parts Every Time: the exact VW you have and the engine that VW's vehicle identification number is a .Engine Type and Number ~~~ In his excellent article "The VW Beetle - Changes Through the Years", Rob has provided a listing of the VW .VW Engine Letter Codes 20- prefix indicates Type 2 and is not part of the sequential engine number These cases were VW engine cases that were .Volkswengines included , 1548, 1679, 1285 and the1493 cubic-centimeter models. However, Volkswrounded the engine sizes up, so a 1548 cubic centimeter engine ised a Volksw1600. Identification of the Volkswengine can by accomplished by locating the engine casting number on the engine block..

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