Identify Vinyl Siding

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I 've read some other threads and realize this is a much more challenging question that it would seem, however I 'm hoping maybe I get lucky and someone will recognize this vinyl siding. It 's probably circa. 2003-2008. I brought it to two local supply houses, neither of which could identify it or had anything . - - Residential siding identification availability reports for vinyl, aluminum, steel and concrete siding throughout U.S. and Canada. will provide property adjusters, restoration contractors and homeowners with all the information necessary to make a siding repair . - so i got to close to my garage with a propane heat gun and warped a couple siding parts long story anyways i need to replace them, i know ill have to buy a whole bundle, and ive went to the local box stores with a peice in hand, they can come up with They should be able to identify the manuf. You can .Thanks for the reply. I 've been having some picture posting issues here and asked about it in tech help. I 've already exhausted all my local options. I 'll get a picture up here. It would be nice if there was a vinyl siding ID database out there somewhere. Older panel identification is always difficult at best..

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