Identify Vintage Teacup

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The Joys of Identifying Antique Tea Sets. Updated on . Cecelia. more. Contact Author. P.o by Clara. Two of the tea cups are pink and one is green, however, they clearly go together because the same beautiful rose is in the centre of each plate and inside the rim of the cup.. Vintage Tea Cup Collection My vintage teacup collection is far too beautiful to keep to myself. I want to share them with everyone and provide as much information on the teacups as possible; their place of origin, manufacturer, etc. @anonymous: It's not easy. First identify the manufacturer by the back stamp..Bavaria Antique Collectable: for Bavaria is a region in Europe where many types of porcelain were made. Bavaria is one of Europe's oldest states, established about AD 485. In the century, the potteries often included the word Bav1.Collectible Cups Saucers: Identification Values, Jim and Susan Harran, antique dealers for 18 years, specialize in English and Continental porcelains and antique cups and saucers. These are show pieces- not everyday tea cups. There are sections on miniatures and Chinese sets. Collectors will appreciate the dates, sizes, and maker's .

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