Identify Vintage Printing Company Logo

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The Postcard Al., magazine for collectors of old picture postcards, printer and The boxed one in red ink reads "P.ochrom" and identifies the printing Schulz was a long-established company from Prague and printed postcards for .Furthermore it is very helpful to get access to old paper/printing trade publications. valuable information/advertising helpful for identification trademarks, logos etc. Usually the first initials stand for the printer or publisher company name and . - A modern business can 't succeed without a professionally logo. A logo is a major identification tool for any company, regardless of the .

Test your logo design knowledge in our fun quiz. Shares You may be the world's best creative director or graphic designer, but just how good is yournding knowledge?.Identifying German postcard printers. This is something only for the-hard ppc collector. It needs plenty of time, requires an own bigger or access to a ppc collection to compare, a good eye for de.s and best some knowledge of old printing processes and their characteristics..Identifying a vintage shirt from the 1970s is quite simple. For the most part, companies that were producing shirts for screen printing hadn't startednding themselves yet. Many of these labels will appear fairly generic and not have any obvious link to a specific company..Introduction. This page will present tables of trademarks,nd names, and logo images. These are closely related concepts that define the way a company .

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