Identify Vintage Air Compressor

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Old two stage compressor. I cannot find any identifying markings on the compressor pump. Any ideas? The motor that ran it is a 1.5hprless brushed AC .Vintage air compressor identification Vintage Tool Discussion..Air compressors provide power to other components, typi.y through a single motor on the compressor that converts electric energy into kinetic energy..How to Identify an Antique Air Compressor. 4-nail-guns. Air compressors are used by craftsmen for everything from spray painting and sanding to operating .

Identifying an older air compressor can be quite a challenge. Yet, folks need to find out what make they are in order . Put about 2 OZ of oil in the compressor and turn it over by hand especially if it's a new unit . Stand the compressor on the clutch for 5-10 minutes to lube the seal area..On this page about S.daire air compressors is a comment / forum section where you can tell others about .Panerai Vintage CompCirca 1950's. Panerai Vintage CompCirca 1950's. Excellent condition! Appears to have original rare brbuckle and buckle side strap..

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