Identify Video File Type

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- If all else fails, just click on the webpage, view the source, and find out where the . was embedded on the page and find the format..

How to identify the codec of a file. The simplest way to do this is to just drag and drop the file onto the window. MP4, or files. See this thread for determining the codecs of those file types. Keywords: determine codec, identify codec, how to tell codec 01-22-2009 04:01 AM anonymous 1,580 posts. Very kind of you. .Identify a file type using Kinesense Vid-ID With hundreds of different CCTV file formats and players out there, its often hard to find the right player for a job. Kinesense has done the hard work, and created a database of over 1000 different proprietary file formats with links to where you can download them..Tool to view/audio file information Sometimes I get the url of a embedded in a webpage and download it, just to find the file has no extension name. I can play the with a player, so it must be legal..

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