Identify Video Card Ubuntu

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- Open up "Terminal", and type: lspci | grep VGA. There, you 'll find your GPU card 's model.. - Linux Find Out Graphics Card Installed In My System. lspci command. lshw command. grep command. update-pciids command. GUI tools such as hardinfo and gnome-system-information command.. - How do I find out what kind of card I have installed on my Ubuntu Linux desktop or laptop system? There are a couple ways of doing this..

I would like to know the model of my graphics card. I think it may be an ATI, but I want to be sure! I have Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit and an Asus A6 VA laptop..Is there a good place to go to identify what kind of slot my spare card uses? A site that shows pictures of the various slot types so I can identify this one?.

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