Identify Valid American Express Travelers Cheque

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If the Cheque has already been signed in both the upper and lower left, please American Express at the number below before accepting the Cheque. After accepting a valid Cheque, you can only deposit it into your own bank account..The acceptance of American Express Travelers Cheques is based on two principles: b The Cheque - By identifying the security features and ensuring that there are no visible signs of are valid before accepting them. HOLOGRAPHIC .Get safety security with American Express Travelers Cheques. Learn more about Travelers Cheques Identification and proof of purchase required..

An American Express Travelers Cheque Customer Service Center as soon as possible to report the loss and open a claim. Use the search tool to the right to find the customer service number for your current location. Service Centers handle claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..STANDARD FEATURES OF AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHEQUES American Express Travelers Cheques are just like cash and few products offer more convenience or security. But because there are counterfeits being circulated worldwide, you must ensure that the American Express Cheque products presented at your location are .Travelers cheques sold in packs feature a number sequence, so a cheque ending in -002 can be expected to be paired with another check close in range, such as -001 or -003. Very random serial numbers of same denomination cheques for .Two main companies, American Express and Thomas Cook, issue travellers cheques, and neither of the products have expiration dates. According to American Express, unused cheques can be saved for future trips or cashed out when no longer needed..

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