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Identify which USB ports you have in your pc or laptop USB 2.0 and. but my device manager shows i have .

Scroll down to "Universal Serial Bus contollers." Double-click it to view the controllers. Step. Locate controllers that have "Enhanced" or "High S.d." These are the USB 2.0 ports. The others are USB 1.0.How to list and identify the USB devices that are connected to you computer. Make sure the device is powered-up and enabled before listing the devices. Device are mainly identified using a pair of hexadecimal numbers, like 04b3:3108. The 4 first hexadecimal digits are the Vendor ID 04b3 = IBM ..Now, if a USB device is connecting to a USB 2.0 port, the device type is sensed. If it is a High S.d device, this particular port is handed over to the one EHCI controller in the system for High S.d USB 2.0 operation..To make use of USB 3.0, you should identify the USB 3.0 port on your laptop. Generally, most of the Windows laptops come with one USB 3.0 port and one or two USB 2.0 ports. Check if your laptop has a USB 3.0 Port. The very first thing that you should confirm whether you have USB 3.0 port or not..

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