Identify Unwanted Vba Modules

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These non-module code references are very powerful but can also cause maintenance problems because they are outside the scope of the VBA compiler. That is, the VBA IDE 's compile command can consider the project to be compiled, but can 't detect invalid references to the code from these non-module places .I couldn 't find any freeware out there that does this. If you are willing to buy a product, Project Ananlyser with the vba plug in sounds like it maybe a good one. It costs around $300.00 US One way to use MZ Tools is to identify unused variables then do a search for them using edit find next in current project .Here is some code from Access MVP Thomas Moller that I modified to show all empty modules in an Access Project. . Constant by constant, you need to determine their value use the Object Browser, or simply print the value of the constant to the Debug window while you 've still got the reference and set . - In Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, the three scopes available for variables are procedure, module, and public. from a new workbook select the workbook containing the public variable in the Available References box of the References dialog box from a module sheet, click References on the Tools .

Ever seen that one? It's not a real language. The thing is, object-oriented code can definitively be written in VBA. This series of posts shows how.. The VBA editor seems so limited, yet I have not found any alternative other than copy the code into another editor, edit it, paste it back. Yuk! There must .Posts about add-in written by Rubberduck VBA.Liberate the desktop If you find the material here useful, why not help to support it by buying my Google Apps Script and VBAles published by O'Reilly media.

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