Identify Unknown Hardware Device

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- To find drivers for hardware that Windows refuses to recognize, open Device Manager a search from the Start menu or Windows 8 Start screen brings it up lickity-split , right-click on the listing for the Unknown Device, select Properties from the context menu, and then click on the De.s tab at the top of the .

How to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in the Device Manager Chris Hoffman @chrisbhoffman July 27th, 2014 Unknown devices show up in the Windows Device Manager when Windows can't identify a piece of hardware and provide a driver for it..Sure, you can rip your PC apart and eyeball troublesome hardware directly - but there's an easier way to find drivers for unknown devices..To identify Unknown Hardware Devices in Windows 10 To access this information, right-click on the unknown device and go to the "Properties" in context menu..

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