Identify Unknown Chemical

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Identifying Unknown Chemicals. Every effort should be made by laboratory personnel to identify unknown chemicals. Here are a few steps that can be taken to help this effort: Ask other laboratory personnel if they are responsible for, or can help identify the unknown chemical. The type of research conducted in the .Record your physical observations of each powder in your lab notebook. Record color, whether the substance appears crystalline or not, and any other characteristics you can identify. Do any of the unknown substances have the same physical characteristics as aspirin?.

Key Concepts. Substances react chemi.y in characteristic ways; A set of reactions can be used to identify an unknown substance; Summary. Students will use test .Using the combining test to identify the unknown liquids How can you use the characteristic way each liquid combines with water to identify the unknown liquids?..inson Police Department determined that the murky, yellowish material floating in the bayou on Sa.ay was a sultanate solution that originated from the Calumet .Middle School Chemistry provides free science activities, multimedia, and information about upcoming workshops offered by the American Chemical Society for middle .

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