Identify Udp Local End Point

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Hi there, I 'm reading from a UDP socket in C# as follows: EndPoint endPoint = new IPEndPoint IPAddress.Any, 0 ; int receivedBytes = this.socket.Rec . - Take a look at ReceiveFrom instead of Receive, it will let you pin a reference to an Endpoint..The LocalEndPoint property gets an EndPoint that contains the local IP address and port number to which your Socket is bound. You must cast this EndPoint to an IPEndPoint before retrieving any information. You can then the IPEndPoint.Address method to retrieve the local IPAddress, and the IPEndPoint.Port method .Here is the code. EndPoint client = new IPEndPoint IPAddress.Any, 0 ;. int bytes = udp_client.ReceiveFrom buffer, ref client ;. IPAddress address = IPEndPoint udp_client.Remo.dPoint .Address; this is where the error is thrown. string port = IPEndPoint udp_client.Remo.dPoint .Port.ToString ..

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