Identify Two Culturaladvances Of The Chinses Under The Hsai Dynasty

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Achievements: The first cities of China appeared during the Xia Dynasty. The Xia were not by far a Dynasty in any feudal sense of modernity. Life was primitive, the number of citizens modest. City size was small and agriculture still relatively primitive. Still however, during the Hsia Dynasty Period there was a culture of .Shang Dynasty. What is an example of the earliest written records in the Shang Dynasty? Oracle bones. How were oracle bones used? to predict the future. Which metal was What are the two major rivers in China? The He Name 6 technological, economic, and cultural advances that occurred during the Zhou dynasty..Xia is the first dynasty in Chinese history, and lasted nearly 500 years including the reigns of 17 emperors. It is Yu the Great who first set up the dynasty under the Abdication System choosing the leader according to their ability . After hed, his son Qi broke During this dynasty, many achievements were made. People .One of the major problems in determining if the Xia Dynasty existed or not revolves around the fact that very few records of the type Chinese historians expect to find have actually been found. The earliest form of writing in China, Oracle-Bone Writing, came into existence with the Shang Dynasty, so weume the Xia were .

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